National Association of County Treasurers and Finance Officers

NACTFO is a national organization similar to your state treasurer, tax collector or finance officers associations. It provides you with a great experience to gain diverse and differing methodologies and opens your thought process to a wider range of problem solving techniques.

When state legislatures pass new laws, they many times mirror laws that have been passed in other states. Thus you can benefit from other peers from across the country who may have already faced those circumstances. Many NACTFO members have benefited from the talented background and wide-range of ideas that come out of group discussions and educational seminars.

Any benefits you have derived from your state associations can be multiplied by the number of counties in fifty different states. The possibilities, unique perspectives and different ways of doing things are endless.

Take advantage of the professional certification program available to broaden your knowledge and be on the cutting edge of new trends. This program is available to NACTFO members and is administered by The University of Missouri-St Louis, Public Policy Administration.

NACTFO Objectives

NACTFO is an affiliate of The National Association of Counties.
440 First Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 2001

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